Client optimization



  • No loading bar, so that means the loading in game is instantly after selecting the character.
  • Effects, sounds, gr2 objects, maps, skills, mobs, motions, are now read only one time, when client start (runtime). The default method is loading them at each warp.
  • Processor now is much optimized at loading, the new method just warp you in the specific coordinates x, y, without loading anything in background. (+changed the struct for multiple python files)
  • (cca. 2000 lines) removed, everything is written in C++ and changed totally the struct for a better customization.
  • I’ll adapt all of your changes from python to C++ with a script that I’ve made.
  • Rewroted CResourceManager

10.06.2020 (second version)

  • Rewritten the whole method of caching things in client, a lot of optimizations, no fps drop anymore, no lag/freeze when you meet new players in maps etc for some seconds. (soon a video)


There’re many big servers which already are using it and their players gave a good feedback that the game run smoothly than before.

Price: Not fixed, for more informations, contact me. (the optimization has two versions)