Contact System


You can search now a contact fast, without search with scrollbar and search him name very had.
You can see how many contacts are online and offline on your list, contacts doesn’t duplicate, (Family, Friends, Guild)
Just type the first characters in the contact name for a quick search.

What means profile settings?
Here you can add your profile informations and players can see them when speak with you on private chat (PM).

Status – It can be a state of yours or anything else you can represent.
Location – You can choose exactly where you are, there are over 150 countries that can be selected.
Birth date – It is your date of birth.

These options may remain inactive or deactivated always when the player wants, their changes are in real time.

At the moment emoticons face isn’t available as photo and just as text, on next update will be like video.

Price: 70€

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