Extra Refine System


Metin2 is a gambling game. Almost everything on the game is a matter of luck and percentages. The biggest example of this is indeed the upgrade system. I don’t think there isn’t a player who did not feel at least once, frustrated from the failure of his sword or armor or accessory.

That system will allow you to gamble more, but with better results.

  • – You can see both information about the current item before but the item upgrade after upgrade, both items were attached basic description exactly bonuses, stones etc.
  • – If you own the items required in the refining inventory window’s text color of the item’s box is changed to white for example.
  • – If you own a respective item from the box or do not own all the piece’s color automatically changes text in red.
  • – If you do not have the necessary amount of inventory you will be warned yang in everything with another change in color of the box’s text.
  • – There are a total of 3 potions percentage’s growth, they are 3 types.

        – Potion Low (Increased chance with +5%)

       – Potion Medium (Increased chance with +10%)

       – Potion Extra (Increased chance with +15%)

  • For example, if your item has the chance to succeed in mysql (refine_proto -> prob) 80% chance, and you will try to add to growth: potion low, medium, extra, because you can not do that -> 80% + 5% + 10% + 15% = 110% = Error.
  • The system has a calculation that check and how the current percentage of potions added, if it is higher or equal to 100 then interrupts the action.
  • You can add in what order you want potion, he is automatically checking for each slot individually.
  • Percentage obtained from potions you can see on the right side where the current percentage, and they two shall be gathered together and did a great chance to upgrade.
  • Potion requires that each slot, you can not add to what you want potion slot, so there is a picture behind slot that will indicate what’s potion is accessible for attachment in the slot.

  • When you try to add other items potion slots.

  • When you try to add more potions in one slot only one.

  • When percentage is over 100, you cannot add other potion to increase it because max is 100.



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