Extra Slot System



  • Level [1] – Slot [1] (Unblock) – Start server
  • Level [45] – Slot [2] (Unblock)
  • Level [55] – Slot [3] (Unblock)
  • Level [65] – Slot [4] (Unblock)
  • Level [75] – Slot [5] (Unblock)
  • Level [85] – Slot [6] (Unblock)
  • Level [95] – Slot [7] (Unblock)
  • Level [105] – Slot [8] (Unblock)
  • You can add items from inventory slots by some flags are not allowed any items than just flags set specifically for it.
  • You can use the slot with these keys from keyboard: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / F5 / F6/ F7 / F8.
  • Players can put same items from inventory and on taskbar and use in same time with other key, because current taskbar have key: (1-4 and F1-F4).
  • Items will be saved all time on slots.
  • You can remove items from slot like this:

  • Animation of board:


  • Cooldown animations:

  • Items are saved in a special table in the database and works full with packets and working with cache.
  • When you start the game you will have access to only one slot in this system to Unlock your other slots will have to go through various levels such as:
  • On the 105 you have all slots unlocked and you can of course use all the slots.
  • Slots will automatically unlock when you do the required level for each slot, no need for any activation from a player.
  • All is configurable via serverside, unblock level, slot etc.

What means for players this system?

This system look like a “god” for them because they can now to use a lot a things in same times, like skills + potions + mount etc in special slot each one, they have now more slots for attach something and use with click or new keys from keyboard (F5-F8 / 5-8).



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