Management Bank


The Bank has the following facilities:

Create a account Login on account Add money Withdraw money Send money Change password

1.) Create account:

  • Length of characters allowed for the account name is 12 characters (as with login).
  • Characters allowed for password length is 4 characters.
  • You can generate a random password automatically in case you have not a good idea for a password, for security on your account we advise you to generate a random password, but take great care not to forget your password, so you have to contact the server team.
  • You can not create an account already exists with that name.
  • You can not enter special symbols in the same account name and password.
  • Account name and password accept any type of data, such as numbers and

2.) Login on account :

Timeout for logging into your account is a timer for 3 sec.
The password will be secret in the edit window.
During logging can detect the following:

  • Connection success
  • Connection Failed: The account name is wrong.
  • Connection Failed: The password is wrong.

3.) Add money :

  • You can not enter a smaller amount as in 1.
  • You can not enter an amount less than or greater than that of the inventory.
  • You can enter up to 10 numbers. (Ex: 1999999999) can change.

4.) Withdraw money:

  • You can not enter a smaller amount as in 1.
  • You can not enter an amount less than or greater than that of the bank.
  • You can not withdraw an amount from the bank that exceeds the maximum limit of the server, for example if you have in inventory 1.3kkk, you can withdraw from the bank only 300kk, because GOLD_MAX = 2kkk.
  • You can enter up to 10 numbers. (Ex: 1999999999) can change.

5.) Send money:

  • You can not send money to an account that does not exist in the database.
  • You can not send a smaller amount as 1.
  • You can not send a larger amount of deposit that the banks.

To transfer money from one account to another you need the account name asks that person to do that.

  • An example conversation:
  • A: Hello, i am your brother, send me 444 Yang please.
  • B: Ok bro, give me your name account from bank for can do this.
  • A: Here is my account name from bank: girl123
  • B: Done, already i send you 444 Yang, please check your account and you will see in logs. My name account is vegas123, check and you will see,  good luck my brother.


6.) Change password:

  • The new password must have a maximum of 4 characters.
  • New password must be the same as repeating the password field of safety.
  • You can not put the same password as current.


  • Old Password: psw8
  • New Password: psw8
  • It is not allowed entry same as the old password.

Other informations:

For every action that you take in your bank account logs exist, such as:

Time action was taken.
The time when the action was taken.
The action that was taken.
Ip from who make action.
To / From is when you received, or sending money to another bank account.
Amount sent or received.

  • For every action there is a set time to run once the action 10 seconds, which means you can not withdraw / etc add money to your account within 10 seconds, you have to wait for each action separately this time.
  • There can be no bug in the bank.
  • You can not connect to another account if you do not account name and its password.
  • You can not enter characters that go nowhere to exploit.
  • You can enter the account name and truncate or drop etc.
  • Logs are displayed depending on the new date, which means that the latest logs will always be displayed first.
  • When you receive money from another person (another account) ip it will be removed. (Why this? Because we do not want players to have the chance to learn real ip a player, you can see only ip for your action.)
  • Every action has a special type with a separate color.
  • Everything is in real time.
  • Causes no problems in server functions that communicate with the database are not very well optimized that will allow you to do any exploits or a flood that overloads the database.
  • Date and time are taken in real time server, you must have time to FreeBSD updated in real time, it can test the console ssh “data”. How to change date and Timezone
  • The maximum limit for logs is 1,000 logs which are set to 40 pages.
  • Everything communicate with packet and everything is written in c ++.
  • It is compatible with any version of the source.


PRICE: 120 Euro

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