After a long time I came back with a new project.
This project consists of a multilanguage system, it is a system with many new features in it and very complex too.

Structure consists of the following:

It can be adapted by any server, no matter how many languages it wants to have, the configurations are all very easy to modify with comments of each config.

  • All translations from source (locale_string)
  • Full translation of Competition Ox
  • Full translate quests
  • Full client translated
  • Filter chat
  • Language Flag + Empire Flag (Chat)
  • Announcement for Team
  • player.mob_proto/item_proto.locale_name translated as client side.
  • Points/Targets of mobs of minimap/atlas pos all is converted now to read from clientside.
  • And more…

On this path ../translate/ you can find the locale_string/translate.lua/oxquiz, exist a file for each language.

  • In the process of logging you have the opportunity to choose the language you want to enter the server.
  • Automatically when you choose the language is in real time and you can log in and all the settings will be in the language that you selected, all the information such as quests, messages, client interface, monsters names, items, descriptions, items, and all the client with the server having a communication.
  • Language is stored per client, so you can open multiple windows with different languages and the translation is instantiated per language.
  • Language will always be saved permanently.

Each player has a level flag along with the country flag they belong to


Chat filter is a charming thing for players who do not want too much chat in chat.
It gives you the strength to be able to see the language and kingdom of the person who sent the message to the pictures.
This filter gives you the ability to select from which country you want to receive messages.

  • Player A is Italian guy, he send a message on shout chat.
  • You will see the message on chat just if you have selected language ‘Italian’ on chat filter or just language ‘Global’.

Your country will always be chosen, so this means you will always receive messages from your country, as you see the selected green box, you can not select it, it is automatically selected by your own language and it is set in the allowed chat filter.
If you select ‘Global’ automatically, all filters will be reset and will be preset so you can receive messages from all countries.
This global type was made to make it much easier to see all messages without selecting each country individually.

This system is for staff members only and offers the opportunity to send fast news with more news.
You can send the following types of messages:

  • Normal notice
  • Big notice
  • Map notice
  • Whisper notice

You can select which country you want to send the message, only the players in the country you selected will receive the message, or you can select the ‘Global’ module and the message will be received by everyone. The message will be sent to all channels.

When you select ‘Map notice’, the message will be sent to the map where you are, and will be sent to all channels.

Here is a small example of how you can translate quests very quickly.
Now you can use just translate().keyword and automatically you will get the table translate of your language as metatable. All what you have to do after that is to go on translate_xx.lua and add the keyword of table and string text.

  • Everything is written in C++, full optimization code and clean.
  • You can add how many languages you want or remove, automatically all boards related about the system will get the position, size and rest by max language enum.
  • Exist a lot a tables with configs what you can edit it also is full protected.
  • The system come it full you just need to translate, i install all and do client/server full compatible with it just for first time. other installations will be taxed.
  • There are a lot a stuffs what i not was write here, is just a 30% of present how it working, here is big stuffs.
  • Soon will come new updates.

I can say one thing, this system will not be for sale for all people, i reserve my right to choose clients.

  • 450€ – Old customers (old customers are those who work with me for over 1 year)
  • 500€ – Old customers (old customers are those who work with me for over 6 months)
  • 600€ – Normal price

I’m sorry for this shit english, i will rewrite on the next days the informations again, because i did that description on 10 minutes as fast-mode.

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