Quick Slots

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  • New slots in the right place of the window which helps players to have easily access to some items like Talisman Online.
  • The slots are visible just if they’ve an item attached.
  • The animation of showing all of the slots is visible when you drag an supported item to the slots.
  • When you warp/login you will see a fade-out animation that remember you what’re the empty slots.
  • When you drag a supported item by the quick slots, you’ll see a fade-in animation which remain visible until you’ve an item attached to the mouse, when you deattach it  the fade-out animation will start in specific time, also you can attach/deattach multiple items in a short time, animations are working with a small thread that will you know you’re in the waiting state.
  • The empty area of non-visible slots is clickable.
  • You can configure the slots in server-side and automatically the animation will work for all of them, PM, checking the pages and more.


Price: Not fixed, for more informations, contact me.