Today I present to you a new system, namely system called revival or others reborn or prestige ..

What is this system?
When the player reaches the maximum level on the server you get access to panel reborn manager.
Once having access to this panel that you can open it with a button you can activate the first degree reborn.
When reborn enable a degree of these things will occur:

– Reset total additional skills
– Restore the total points collected
– Reset level which means that you will get the start server (1)
– Receiving 4 bonuses that can be easily modified so values bonuses and the kind of bonus.

Bonuses default in the system are:
– [1. Bonus] Max. HP
– [2. Bonus] Against the Semi Human
– [3. Bonus] Chance of Critical Hit
– [4. Bonus] Chance of Piercing Hit

In total there are 3 types reborn, namely: Reborn I / Reborn II / III Reborn.
To move from one level to another will be reborn every time you need to pick the maximum server.

When updating a reborn this level it is prescribed in the database with the following data:
– owner_id (playerID from player.player)
– name (your character name you made level reborn)
– race (your race)
– type (name of actual reborn)
– x/y (coordonates)
– mapIndex (where you accepted reborn)
– channel (where you accepted reborn)
– mode_anonymous (visible/invisible reborn global in game)

About mode anonymous:
– Anonymous mode will be shown only in the last part of the system that is at the end of the reborn levels,level 3 (Reborn III).
– This mode allows you to be the guy undercover when you activate this mode your title from the name that is R III, will be invisible
but will not be invisible only for you but for all the players, they will no longer see the level of rebon.
– You can enable / disable this mode every 30 seconds anonymous, his condition will be prescribed in the database is active or inactive.
– You are probably wondering why I have not added this way? Because of course this system is for a pvp server type / PVM-easy this way           will help some players in many respects in a fight.

Probably because many players will not give me duel with the person who has Reborn III, as is more powerful opponent because those             bonuses is very high and it will automatically refuse duel.
This anonymous mode can be disabled / enabled in the system settings easily.

Can not create any bug in the system and no exploits.

Command ingame for administrator free:
/set_reborn_admin (type) (administrator can set free by ordering)
/set_reborn_admin remove_affect (value) (administrator can remove all bonuses and by his initials
/set_reborn_admin mode_anonymous (arg) (administrator can enable anonymous manner without time through

  • Price: 120E

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