Ticket System




  • Players can create tickets to be answered by staff members.
  • Each ticket will have a unique id generated.
  • The title’s length must not exceed 32 characters.
  • Description length should not exceed 450 characters.
  • There are 3 types of priority such as: Low / Medium / Hard. You can choose the type of priority of the ticket so that will have great importance for staff members when responding to tickets, since they will seek the tickets with highest priority, which means that the problem requires solving more fast.
  • If you had a problem in describing the content exists reset button, which you will remove the texts that you have written, and if you want to send the ticket simply press the button to submit.
  • You can create a ticket once every 1 hour, time is running in real time, not have to be active account. (can change from config)
  • A member of staff can not create a ticket.
  • In this window you can see the last 20 tickets created sorted by most recent date at the earliest, it will be sorted last 200 tickets matched the 10 pages, which means 20 tickets on a page.
  • Create window has a slider that can hide or show.
  • When you will move cursor on title or ticket id and press on him will be open new page with all informatios about each ticket.


  • Description content reply should not exceed 200 characters.
  • In this window you can see the last 40 answers of the ticket sorted from newest function of time at the earliest, so the latest will be sorted on the front pages.
  • On the right you can see the title of the ticket and other information about him and what content you created the problem, date, current status etc.
  • The answers will be shown as well: From you or a member of staff but also the time and date it / you answered.
  • You can not reply to a ticket when it is closed.
  • There are 10 pages of logs from last reply sites, which are included in each 4 page.
  • You can write as many answer a ticket once every 10 minutes.
  • You can not reply to a ticket if not passed 10 minutes from the last action.

Members staff:

You’re probably wondering what this does? Let me explain:

  • When you select one of those filters and sorting you click on the button to open your page will be selected from the database of the tickets with the following tasks you have selected, as an example:



  • The list of accesses to the staff members that want to gain access to the administration area can be set up easily from a list.
  • They are available for viewing last 10,000 tickets.
  • 500 pages each with 20 tickets on a page.
  • People are the team that registration can not create a ticket.
  • Like in the first picture when you click on the title of the ticket or ID’s you will open a new page where there have other accesses such as:
  • – Ban / Unban | Close ticket / Open  ticket


As you can see a new window on the right appeared, which is available only to staff members that are registered, it is these benefits to as player’s name that created the ticket and actions that can be executed on player and on the respective iD of the ticket itself.

[*] Ban user:

If already is blocked.


  • When the user is blocked it is not locked on the character that created the ticket but the whole account, which means you will not be able to use the ticket system nor from the other characters.
  • When the account is blocked he can not do anything, can not open any window and execute anything with any exploits.
  • The following message will appear when the user’s trying to do an action or open ticket window.

Message is displayed for each character on that account.

[*] Unban user:

If is not banned.

[*] Open ticket:

If it already has open status.


[*] Close ticket:

If it already has closed status.


Other informations general:

  • Staff members can answer any ticket without a waiting period.
  • All the action is in real time.
  • There is no way exploit any part of a player nor from a member of staff, exist security checks for any possible method.
  • All translation is made from a special table that can be configured very easily because there are indications for each makes.
  • There is no problem of harm to a server or database.
  • Each action is executed effectively and there is no need to wait some time for loading of logs or anything else, especially for staff members when executing over 10,000 tickets and everything works flawlessly to second.
  • The whole system works with data packets that are sent from client to server and vice versa, is highly optimized code.
  • Configurations for waiting time and rest can easily change a configuration table with directions to any person.
  • It can make any changes at the request of each customer if they want to add or remove anything.
  • Everything is written in C ++ (Client / Server) and Python.
  • Date and time are taken in real time server, you must have time to FreeBSD updated in real time, it can test the console ssh “date”. How to change date and Timezone
  • It is compatible with any version of the source.
  • Cca. lines code (over 4000 (smart code))
  • Working time: 29 days.
  • The system is more complex, this is what I could write in words only.

It can be adapted for a php script very easy for both users and administrators to do all the action on the website or a mobile phone.
This will be very useful for players who matter and outside the server as problems with the website, autopatcher etc.

(Already was tested one conexion on php to database with tickets and works perfectly, soon will be finish.)

This is not included now in the package, but I’ll probably do it soon if they want more people will not cost money, will be free for customers.



Old customer: 150E (If you have bought other systems from me – Christmas time)
New customer: 180E

I can say one thing, this system will not be for sale for all people, i reserve my right to choose clients

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