Tournament PvP


Hello guys, is time to present my tournament pvp, one of the best product from this website. We’ve identified areas where PvP rewards could be more satisfying. Along the way, we made a hot tournament pvp. Tournament has 3 categories, each of them has a special limited registration and a special time it starts and ends. The tournament runs automatically every day.

Types of category are as follows (all is configurable very easy!):

Category Need level (Min – Max) Start – End Time
Low  ( 30 – 55 )  ( 02:10 – 02:40)
Medium  ( 55 – 80 ) ( 15:30 – 16:00 )
Hard ( 80-105 ) ( 18:30 – 19:00 )

Ok, now start with real informations:

Each player will have an active quest in the left side of the screen where you can enter the map when he wants. He will be here in observer mode all the time and will be added surveillance zones of the map, exactly at the top.

  • You can register only in the category you belong, namely the level limit set.
  • Each category begins and ends at the time specified above.
  • Players can register even if the tournament is already underway, they will be registered for the next round.
  • You can delete your register from tournament if not want to participate (maybe some problems, you need to go from pc etc.)
  • All registered players statistics for each category are displayed.
  • All information about hour and minute you start each category you can find in the category of information for the specific color.
  • You can not register more than once.

You cannot use in tournament map this:

  • Duel, Party, Ring marriage, Poly, Mount, Horse.
  • share/locale/poland/tournament_forbidden_items.txt – Add all items what you want to can’t use.

What’s about tournament, how it working, what is with team red and blue?

Oh yeah, the tournament is structured as follows:

  • * That means value/ 2 for every team.
  • * If you put 20 will be 10 players vs 10 players.


So, now is time 01:50 yes? Category Low is started on 02:10, for can start tournament with category low need to exist (X) players registered. He check all registers from category low, and check if exist (X) players registered and if they are online and if they are in map, if they not exist category low not will started, and will continue to the next category (medium what will be start on another time).

Ok, but we have now 50 players registered yes? what happens, how will work 😕

  • Tournament will select from registers just (X) players and divide them RANDOM, in 2 team (red and blue).
  • So if category low has 50 registers (example) he will take from all 50 registers, 20 players random, and put them in 2 team, that means 10 in team red and 10 in team blue.
  • After tournament start and you was selected to participate you will be removed from registers list.
  • If you not was selected to participate, your register will be still active on list, doesnt importantly if category already start, you will be remaining for next round on this category.

Ok, what happens with players if they are from other empire and not same etc?

  • Oh jesus, this is a best part of this tournament, here is not importantly what empire you are etc. all type’s of attack mode, check’s, visual effects etc are disabled when tournament is active.

Ok, now you understand how its working with registers and time etc? Now is time to speak about fight.

I put just for example in config (2 vs 2), all is configurable.

  • As you can see, each player has changed color with the color name that belongs to his team, that red or blue.
  • Team Red : Dominic and Work
  • Team Blue: [DEV]VegaS and TestSkill

I’m Dominic that means i’m from team red, you can see my color red from name. I can’t attack my partener/s, i can attack just members from team blue and fuck them ass. Every player have 3 lifes, you can see your life in top part of gui window (see details in photo).

You can’t attack your teammates, just the enemy team. All PVP options are disabled while you are in the tournament. When you will be killed by the enemy team, your lifes will start to drop, each player has 3 lifes, after exhausting them you will be eliminated from the tournament.

When you was killed you will be respawned on start location where you start your team. If you disconnect while you are in the tournament, you will be eliminated and your team will be get + 1 player lose.

What happens if enemy team disconnect?

  • That means enemy team score will be takes like (x deads), that means you will win.

What happens if we was killed all players from enemy team and time is not passed?

  • That means you need to stay in map and wait to finish time, if you will disconnect nobody will win because tournament not find the winners.

What happens if both team was disconnect from tournament?

  • That means nobody will win.

What is the prize for the team that wins?

  • Every player from the team what win will received this box.
  • You can’t open box if you not have enough space in inventory.
  • All items is configurable in one list, you can put what you want, tickets coins, items upp, goldbars etc.

You  can add how many you objects you want, and also you can set how many counts, like x100 pussy’s.


Exist some logs or something what can know who was win and when etc?

  • Yes, i made all logs with all winers what was win to save them in one file: share/locale/poland/tournament_forbidden_items.txt

Exist some logs or something with all players statics points what they kill?

  • Yes, i made a table ranking points, what means that? There will be all your kills what you did in all tournaments.
  • Why i did that? Maybe you want to show total points kills for every people like a clasament in website.
  • You can disable/enable via config if you want or not.

I can make some money real with this tournament?

  • Yes, you can do it, because i did a special thing for that, you can put on itemshop or in other place or where you want to drop on boss, stones etc.

  • This item will give you +2 (configurable) lifes in tournament, that means you will have 5 lifes and rest of people 3 (default) 😕
  • These increase life not will be for all time, just for 10 times (configurable).
  • You cannot use another item like this to increase again life if not expired the 10 times (configurable).
  • If you want to increase life you need to do that before to be in tournament map.

Some settings from tournament:

  • TOURNAMENT_ADD_EXTRA_LIVES = 2 (Here you add how many bonus life you want to add when he use the special item to increase them).
  • TOURNAMENT_CAN_USED_MAX_EXTRA_LIVES = 10 (Here you change how many times the player is able to have the extra lives).
  • TOURNAMENT_MAX_LIVES = 3 (Here you can change the lifes default for all player).

Need to be number which can be divided / 2 like:

  • 4 / 2 = 2 vs 2
  • 8 / 2 = 4 vs 4
  • 16 / 2 = 8 vs 8
  • 50 / 2 = 25 vs 25
  • 100 / 2 = 50 vs 50
  • etc…

Change timer for each category:


Change setting level for each category:


Change notice timer:


Block some days from week to cannot run tournament:


  • Everything is written in C++, full optimization code and clean.
  • Not exist bugs, exploit or other things.
  • All translation is made from a special table that can be configured very easily because there are indications for each makes.
  • All is run automatically, you not need to nothing to start or etc, he run full time, all time, automatically.
  • Included full maps, psd etc.
  • Working time: 25 days.
  • The product is more better, this is what I could write in small words only.
  • PS: (Watch full video from start to end, for understand how it works)


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